Hello little birds,

I hope you're all caught up in the Christmas spirit already because I have quite a big surprise for you. Our second book ACROSS CANADA is out!!

Crossing the continent the first time last year was a life changing experience, but this year felt just as powerful to live it all over again. I've mentioned this before, but when living in a van, you become very aware of your human condition and survival needs: food, water, safety, hygiene, fuel, ... And when you really pay attention to all these factors composing day to day life, you also develop a deep appreciation for it - rather than taking it for granted when it all comes so easily.

Add on to that general appreciation, the freedom of moving from one place to the other, the great company, the laughs, the deep talks, the beautiful sunsets, the people met, getting lost, getting into troubles, getting out of troubles, the drive-throughs late at night, the adrenaline rushes, stargazing, the habits you build, and the music that accompany all these moments. All these little unexplainable things are like puzzle pieces building the bigger picture: the incredible adventure.

This book is a beautiful 180 page photo collection, printed on great matte paper, and organised in chronological order of days and places. It's a compilation of our best images shot over those 3 months on the road: the dramatic landscapes, the van life, the summer, the adventure, ...

We'll sure remember it for a long time, and this book - more than being the perfect coffee table book - was a way for us to keep a physical trace. And because we're super friendly and wouldn't keep that beauty just for ourselves, we decided to make it available on Blurb for everybody!

Happy Holidays and talk to you soon,


PS. You can get your book here

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