Hello little birds,

I know. What a confusing title. Make up your mind woman, is it Canada or the USA?

If you remember from my last post, week 6 in Quebec was not full of rest. With people trying to break in our van and the accumulated tiredness, we decided to skip many stops on our route and drive straight to Michigan, were Kevin's mom was living. It enabled us to really catch up on sleep and get back on our feet.

At the end of the week, Kevin returned to Germany and I drove to Chicago to pick up Hanna. The original plan was to meet up in Toronto, but since we deviated from our original route we had to adjust. This sudden change of plan turned into a pretty wild adventure for her since most of the transportations from Toronto to Chicago were either full or overpriced on July 4th. But after 16 hours in two 2 different planes and another 15 hours in 3 different buses, she made it to Illinois!

While we were both pretty exhausted, the joy of being reunited after 6 months took over right away, turning us into dancing pigeons for the rest of the day (i.e video 7). We spent the day visiting Chicago and then hoped back in our beloved Chevy van to continue the adventure.

It felt like no time had passed. Since we had already traveled about 6 weeks together last year, our old habits immediately caught up on us and it felt just like home again.

Week 7 was all about driving. We left Chicago to drive up north along the Michigan lake, then through Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and finally through Montana to cross the border into Alberta Canada. Needless to say it was A LOT of driving. But surprisingly enough, it went by pretty fast - most likely thanks to the fun company and the cool stops we had along the way.

The first few stops were the sand dunes, were we hiked and ventured in buggies. Dunes always make such beautiful and timeless landscapes, but combined with the lake and the steep coast, it became another whole level of beautifulness. On top of that, we got to experienc an impressive summer storm in the evening that turned the landscape into an apocalyptical scene.

The second stop was very spontaneous. We met up with my friend Jake, who also happened to be in Wisconsin.

Jake has been living in his jeep for a few years and vlogs about his daily life and crazy adventures. You can see our meet up through his eyes here.

And then we drove to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, with a few little fun quick stops along the route.

Like this one on the right, the tallest crane in the world. Crazy traveling cranes.

Teddy Nat Park - to sound like the locals - was incredible. One of these places that gives you goosebumps, shakes your perspective on things, and makes your travels so memorable.

The landscapes were so raw, and the wild life so rich, it made us really enjoy the moment.

Although week 7 was mainly about driving, those few stops made it so worth it. And on that note, I can not wait to tell you all about our reentry into Canada and everything we got to experience there.

Till later little birds,


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