Hello little birds,

Few weeks later and we’re here to fill you in on week 2. A short, quiet and chill one, as we decided to drive around Nova Scotia instead of taking a ferry across the Bay of Fundy. That was mainly to cut costs and feed our curiosity on what we would’ve be missing out on. We didn’t know what to expect, but ended up thrilled with our choice.

Nova Scotia is a whole area surrounded by water, where fields look endless, and where lakes, rivers and forests are more than abundant. In fact, it felt good just to drive around without a purpose or set destination, and soak in this non-touristic place for a change. Some days almost felt dull until we stumbled upon some dirt road leading to splendid views or some other random nature wonders that made it all so worth it in the end.

Being surrounded by nothing, away from civilisation and people, and above all, finding those hidden treasures has been so enjoyable while living in our Chevy van. Not sure if all roads lead to Rome, but we’ve figured that all lighthouse signs lead to incredible night spots.

I mentioned before it’s been a quiet week, but to reassure you, still pretty eventful. We had our first deer encounter, which was terribly tragic both for the deer and for our van. Our left blinkers / lights and the deer’s soul left earth at the same time, leaving us driving like one sided flamingos.

To spice up our daily life a little bit more we had two (one would not have been fun enough) oil leakage from our spare engine oil bottle, dripping in the van carpet, on our clothes and pretty much everywhere from that point. If you ask me, it smells just like any spring fragrance.

And after all of that, if we still got bored, we threw a few mosquitoes party. Although we tried to keep it on invitation only, we had a huge success. Mosquitoes from all around gathered around and passed on the words, making every night so special and animated. Chevy van 2.0 that’s where it’s at.

Up next: Newfoundland. And all I’m going to say right now is WAIT FOR IT.

Talk to you soon,


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