Hello little birds,

It's me again. It's been a while, I know. New York life has been insane and the traveling had to be put on hold while the fashion photography duty was on. But now we're back in our beloved Chevy van for the next big adventure: crossing Canada. Surprise!

Until I meet my Belgium partner in crime in 5 weeks I'll be traveling with Kevin, an aeronautical engineer from Germany. Although we didn't technically know each other prior to this trip, it's been a no-brainer. Not only are we both easy going individuals but we also have the same mindset and therefore get along very well - props to him having to deal with my shitty jokes daily...

We left New York on Sunday May 20th and this first week has already hit us with many challenges: car problems, rain (even storm!), electronic installations and sleep readjustments.

The van being in the garage for the past 3 weeks and with a bill higher than Mount Everest, we certainly did not expect to be stranded on the very first day of this trip. But what a better way to test Massachusett's friendliness than to ask for a jump start in the middle of nowhere? The very next day we found ourselves back in a garage to figure out the problem but were told that the car just needed to "warm up" after the winter and that as we kept going, it'd get better. So we did, but it didn't. We had 3 other very interesting (and random) jump starts until we finally put our finger on the problem: the battery. So we replaced it and that was the end of giving out little chocolate box to people to thank them for their kindness.

The electronics have also been an interesting subject as we were setting up a satellite connection (welcome to the van of the future!), which meant installing an antenna and setting up a second outlet on our external battery - the one already keeping the fridge alive. On the side we were also testing up new equipment (see those moving timelapses and smooth gimbal movements!) and updating/setting up existing one (you might remember the very tragic drone crash last year hum hum...).

And finally, moving in from a comfortable apartment back to the van meant a serious lifestyle adjustment. In a van, when the day rises, so do you. And when the night falls, so do you (unless you have a flash light).

But despite all of these challenges, the feeling of being back on the road has been over compensating and as you will probably be able to tell from this first video, we're not too miserable!

Next we'll be heading to Nova Scotia, and then hop on a ferry to Newfoundland. Can't wait to see what's waiting for us there!

Talk to you soon,


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