Hello Stranger,

You've been confused. I know. One day there's a post about living in San Francisco, the next day it's about living in Belgium, so what's your deal Traveling Birds? I promise I'm not schizophrenic.

I've created this blog but have been getting a lot of help from Hanna because... THIS SUMMER WE ARE GOING ON A ROAD TRIP ACROSS THE USA TOGETHER!!! That's right.

I'll let you process that information, because honestly I still haven't.

From San Francisco to New York, for 70 days on the road, in a van, living like nomads. ~10'000 miles, 140+ hours of driving through 22+ States... Sounds crazy, right?

This roadtrip means a lot more to me than what you could imagine. First of all you wouldn't even be there, still reading this, if it wasn't for this project. I've been thinking about this roadtrip since I was 12 (I have to admit, watching Thelma & Louise probably didn't help) and... it's about to happen.

Traveling Birds will be the place for our stories, our experiences - good or bad, and our thoughts as we move along. Every few days we'll keep you updated with photos and videos of where we are, and what we are up to!

Since I'm graduating in two weeks (wait what!) I'll be leaving San Francisco on June 1st, along with another awesome bird that you'll get to meet right in time. And 3 weeks later, we'll be welcoming Hanna in Salt Lake City, just after her exams, and continue from there together to New Yoooooooork!


Talk to you soon,



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