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It's been a while huh? There is not one day that passes where I don't think about taking off, just taking pictures and writing... And that's about to happen! But before freedoms becomes a reality, I have one more month of crazy work and finals, so hold on tight with me.

Work hard play harder, they say? Last week we took a break from the San Fran craziness, and together with 3 friends, drove down to Coaaaa- chellaaaaa for the weekend. If you don't know yet, festivals are everything to me. Together with Hanna we've been going to festivals since we were 14 (pretty badass huh?) and then religiously going every year (Rock Werchter, Paleo, Caprices, Tomorrowland, Coachella - you name it).

What's so special about festivals is that it's very close to the hippie mentality - all the problems in the world vanish once you step foot on that festival ground. There is a kind of overall excitement, a good feeling about seing people happy, laughing, and enjoying themselves. And Coachella has been even more special to me. Not only because had I been dying to go since forever - even before I even imagined living in California, but the feeling of being there was overwhelming. The sun, the music, the desert, the Ferris wheel, the palm trees, the mountains... It just all comes together so perfectly.

However, because Coachella is such a popular LA festival, it's also superficial to some extend. The way you look, act, the people you hang out with, what's posted on social media - it matters.

So that's where the internal conflict comes in. Although it seems hippie-ish and simple at first, you end up surrounded by superficial, self-involved people, constantly thinking about the way they look (count at least 15 minutes to take a "good" selfie). And when in concert, you're just immersed in a pool of phones - c'mon people, we all know you won't look at that concert video ever again, so lift your head up and enjoy the moment!

Since summer is coming and some of you little birds will probably be going to festivals, I'm going to share with you my festival survival tips - basically the knowledge gained through experience.

  • Baby wipes. Life saver. If you've been to a festival before you know what I'm talking about. Waiting for an hour in line in the morning under the bright sun (and possibly hangover) - no thank you. Baby wipes are the greatest invention to get through these painful mornings until you can take a shower again (figure out a time when none of the artists you want to see are playing, you'll have all the showers to yourself).

  • Dry Shampoo. Probably the third best invention after baby wipes and electric bubble machines.

  • Socialise. Duh. Might seem obvious, but really - socialise with your camping neighbours as soon as you arrive. They will be the ones lending you the gas stove that you forgot to cook your aiki noodles (true story) and pregame when your friends are laying on the grass like dead sea lions

  • Get in shape. No no no - not to look cute (although that's always a plus especially for free beer) but to survive the festival. Walking an average of 20 km is the norm (camping ←→ festival, stages to stages, etc.) and that doesn't even include the dancing and jumping during the concerts. SO. If you don't want to feel like your whole skeleton is about to smash on the floor while you shake your bootyyy, start working out a little prior to the festival. I promise, you'll feel a lot better.

  • Go with your best friends. The ones who are fun (and funny, that's a plus). Otherwise you'll be stuck wondering what the hell you're doing there. Good vibes are as contagious as bad ones. Also, make sure you share the same lifestyle. You don't want to have a gap with people... "I'm sorry, but I don't see that unicorn you're talking about..." while their trippin on i-dont-know-what.

  • Drink water and eat. Stating the obvious here, but remember I talk from experience. Dehydration happens so easily under the sun, exercice, tiredness and alcohol (drink when sun sets, not during the day, that's the real secret here).

  • Clean your campspot before leaving. Rain, wind, thieves - you never know what's coming. Just leave it secured and you won't have to stress about it. NB. This year we had a massive sandstorm at Coachella that started in the span of a few minutes and it destroyed most of the camp spots - so much that the tents and canopies were good for the trash. Talk about stress... Oh and also, pickpockets found my bag very cute apparently... RIP my beloved Iphone.

I could go on and on but I feel like those are the essentials. Just remember to live in the moment and feel the music in your bones.

More to come soon,


PS. Thank you NicLove for sending me tons of glitters!

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