“What happened to you Bay? Whenever I look at you or see what you are becoming it only reminds me you are a shell of what you used to be. Forever losing your identity, it breaks my heart you aren’t what I knew and grew up with.

Slowly and slowly I see it all disappearing, the people, the culture all because we want money. We accept the Tech, that giant guy who is pushing everyone out to make the Bay better and slowly taking away everything. But that isn’t the Bay I knew about anymore, the place where you didn’t need money to have fun, where you explored abandoned shipyards and could get a meal under 10$. The Bay Area was never rich, but it was rich in it's people. And I still find that spark when I meet someone from East Bay. Really, the amount of excitement I experience can never be explained in words. It’s because we grew up with nothing but had everything.

There were days where my friends and I would meet up after school, count all the loose bills from our wallets and car's glove compartments, and see what we could make of it. Some times we would end up getting one burrito to share from Taco Bells. Other times, we would take a trip to Concord or even Berkeley, having no clue as of where to go, but only for the feeling of driving with the windows down, playing Passion Pit non-stop. We drove so much, it was insane. We would always end up exploring the haunted abandoned places and then scare ourselves sitting in one of our cars till 3am, talking about what we dreamed about, where are lives would go.. and from each conversation I remember we would always comically end up agreeing that we would just live in one big house together and be ballin like no tomorrow. We were surrounded by culture at every corner, dreaming and learning from experiences, and most importantly we accepted each other no matter what, because us ourselves were different.”

Pictures by Daniel Borja:


Daniel's Instagram

Text by Allison Hill

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