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My name is Hanna and I’m half German and mostly Belgian. I grew up in Belgium until I was 12 years old and had the opportunity to move to Switzerland. At first I hated it there. Don't get me wrong, it’s a beautiful country and I really miss it now, but the problem was me. A teenage girl just entering puberty and who couldn’t speak a word of French.

As I tried to get through school without bein able to communicate well, this one girl (as you could’ve guessed, Elo) didn’t think I was a total weirdo. We became best friend in no time and that hasn’t changed since. Unfortunately, after 4 years of Swiss happiness I had to move back to Belgium.

Only one year later I already moved to The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where I finished high school. Even though I was already familiar with Africa, it was a whole new experience to live there. The congolese are dealing with so much stuff but still find happiness in the smallest things. But besides that, it’s a breathtaking country with so much to offer... It made me fall even more in love with the African culture. Too bad I didn’t fail my senior year because I wished I could’ve stayed there longer than one year.

But I had to leave my family in Africa and go back to Belgium to start studying. Which i still am... A law student in Ghent, a city I’d love to tell you more about some time.

So this is where I’ve lived, but I see you’re still wondering who I am. Since I’ve been traveling for the biggest part of my life, this has made who I am. An open person who loves to meet new people, yet doesn’t care what other people may think about how I look or act. But “a part from?” trying to be a little rebel in my free time, what I mostly do is having fun. Laughter is the best remedy to anything. My friends describe me as a silly person, but down to earth and who they can rely on.

Apart from my family (and I have quite a big one) I have another one of close friends who will always be there for me, no matter the distance between us. I mean we managed to keep in touch from primary school after I left Belgium for the first time and then again with Elo after I left Switzerland... But let’s not get too emotional though, I still have to keep my reputation of bad ass b*tch.

Oh, and there’s this boy who’d start laughing and tell me I’m too cute to be badass but that’s just his opinion. Let’s not pay attention to what love makes one see. That said, I’m in love with my best friend since a year and a half and he also makes me who I am.

I might not seem so artistic at first, but wait and see... I will let the creativity monster in me get loose in here!



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