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Let me tell you something right away. I am not a morning person. I enjoy - and am the most productive - staying up till late night/early morning. What can I say! It's great being a night owl. So if I wake up at 6am, there must be one hell of a good reason. And that day there was one. A day roadtrip to Annecy (little town in France) with my brother. Well I was basically driving him, but still - it's such a magical place that I didn't complain.

9am - stepping outside, the air is humid and pure, the fog eating the mountain, and the water mirror still. Surreal scenery.

It's cold enough to make your cheek red, yet warm enough to find comfort in your layers of clothes. I breathe in, feeling the cold air purifying my lungs / breathe out, making a cloud of smoke, slowly fading away.

11am - the sun makes its coming out, and every cells of my exposed skin is thanking me. It's like wave of positivity hitting my bones. Breathe in. Breathe out. The day becomes bright and clear all of the sudden. If only it could work the same in my head.

2pm - drove around the lake for no reason but the beauty of the landscapes.

4pm - picked up my brother / he is so excited about his own day, it might be contagous.

Remind yourself to take breaks sometimes. And I'll remind myself to wake up early, sometimes.

More to come soon,


#Adventure #Nature #Landscapes

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