Hello Stranger,

Let me start this somewhere. At 5 I received a disposable camera and had a great interest in taking shitty blurry pictures during our family holidays. Around 9 I got a little compact camera for my birthday to "document" my life but since I had none, I used it mainly to stage my friends in the garden, calling that photoshoots. And if you wonder, no, I will never show you those terrible pictures, not even under torture. Then at 14 or so I got ​​a Canon 600D drom my godfather - by now he probably should've received the Troffey for giving the greatest gifts. Altough I only used it on automatic mode, I started to develop my eye and discover my aesthetic. Distroyed buildings, patterns, textures, details, landscapes, ... If I had an instagram or tumblr back then I probably would've been a social media queen - adding a little bit of self confidence into the equation. (Was instagram even there back then?)

But I was too shy and photography was more of a personal thing. A place to put my time and energy - and so I did my thing, learned on my own, and became known around my school and small town in Switzerland as the girl who takes cool pictures. That led to shooting a few events, album covers, little stuff here and there - but I enjoyed it so much and the thrive to learn was huge.

I never considered photography as a real job or career until I opened my eyes in the amphitheatre of one of the best university in Switzerland and felt deep sadness and regrets, like a 40 years old widow who missed out on her whole life. Yet 40 still seemed far away... And so I quit everything I had ever known from my 17 years of comforting life in Switzerland, left my family and my boyfriend at the time, and ran for my dream.

At 17 I was on a plane to San Francisco, with only one suitcase and my nerves, ready to start the Academy of Art University with a major in photography. And that's where I have been spending the last 2 years of my life.

In between all that I grew up to be a rather quiet human being, funny at times*, but mostly observant.

More to come soon,


*may not be entirely true

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