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Do you know that feeling when you're super overwhelmed and exhausted yet excited about everything you have to do? If you get that, you get me right now. As I just flew last night from Rio de Janeiro (brace yourself a big article is coming up) back to San Francisco, I thought it'd be a great occasion to tell you more about this city I live in.

Dominated by tech companies, San Francisco is ranked the 4th most expensive city in America. It's the city of dreams, of the beautiful victorian houses, of the sun - and also of Karl (yes, there's an actual name for the fog here). It's the city of love without gender classifications, of the hippies and art movements. It's an annexation of hipsters, an explosion of culture. That's from the eyes of a foreigner; but San Francisco really is all of these things, only it's so much more than that.

It's a place where you don't need a car to get around, where seasons don't exist (come on Cali people, a sunny 20°C is not what we call winter) and it's a city that actually sleeps at night - all bars & clubs close at 2 AM.

I've learned to live like an artist, to like coffee (showing it off in the street like a local), and have expanded my survival skills thanks to food being available 24/7 and uber/lyft usually arriving within 2 minutes.

I've also learned to ignore the people screaming of excitement on the Cable Car in front of my studio like it's damn a roller coaster - but I promise one thing. When I'll move out, I'll grab a water gun and splash those unconscious screamers with water - and it'll be okay because it'll be summer then! Oh wait... I thought there were no seasons?

I've given up on heels but learned how to walk up the hills (without collapsing), to wear layers like im an onion because the weather is as moody as a teenager on her period - you never know what to expect and it can change really quickly. I've stopped crying over the plastic-looking cheddar bricks that they dare to call cheese, to count how many time people can say like in a sentence, to be irritated by the slow walkers in crowded streets (I won't lie, I'm still working on that one), and to be surprised when people ask where are you from 2 seconds after I open my mouth. And I've learned about the community. To respond to over-enthusiastic sellers, give leftover food to the homeless, integrate different cultures (shoutout to the taiwanese gang♡) and to help out/meet travelers via couchsurfing.

And it's because and despite all of those reasons, that I love this city. It's easy to feel at home - whatever that means. And if you want to know more about it and how to visit it, I'll tell you more very soon.

One day I had the chance to fly in a very small plane over the Bay Area to take some pictures - now you know where Traveling Birds heather's comes from! We took off a little after 4pm on a cold day of November, during the last few sun rays. We were drifting in the orange sky, overviewing the Golden Gate Bridge and the incredible landscape, cold air rushing in from the opened windows, while trying to absorb as much of the beauty as possible. The feeling from up there was indescribable. Nothing like flying in an Airbus 380 from A to B. Truth is, in such a small plane you feel vulnerable and a sense of freedom - probably the closest feeling to being a bird (did you figured I had an obsession with birds yet?).

It was definitely one of the most beautiful things I have seen.

Details, lines and patterns definitely caught my eyes (OCD you said?). Check out the black and white gallery ↓

More to come soon,


#Photography #SanFrancisco #Aerial

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