Hello Stranger,

Glad we got this going. It's kind of fun getting into this routine of talking to you.

Now that you've met Hanna - but wait until you really get to know her, she is one crazy girl - I'd love to tell you more about where I come from.

It's a country of 8.3 Million habitants and 15,940 sq miles (41,285 km2). Ok, that wouldn't speak to me either... Basically it's a tiny country reputated for it's chocolates, cheeses (the only reason to be homesick really) and watches. Although Switzerland is a very quiet country, we do have big cities such as Geneva, Zürich and Bern - I swear there is more than cows over there...


What makes this country so unique is the mountains and the lakes. In the winter you can go skiing and in the summer you can go waterskiing on the lake - and sometimes in spring and fall you can do both! And the biggest advantage is that everything is so close, considering the size of the country itself...

I was born and raised in a small town between Geneva and Lausanne and didn't really questioned the quality of life until I started traveling. Only then did I realise how lucky I was to be living in such a secure, beautiful country. However, as soon as I was able to take off... I did. I mean birds don't stay in the same place for too long, right?


I hope that gives you a little overview as far as my origins and hope that somedays you'll visit this unique country!

More to come soon,


PS. To you my american friends, no, in Switzerland we don't speak swedish. We speak french, swiss-german and italian.

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