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Here we are, getting into the heart of the subject. I won't lie, I'm as nervous as a squirrle on coke. I mean it's understandable, right? There are so many blogs out there - am I really willing to plunge into the sea of e-dreamers and risk to sink?

But here's the thing. I am not doing it for anybody else than myself. Because I do travel, take pictures and write no matter what, but if I know I'll share it with some people - that's going to inspire and motivate me to keep going and push myself harder.

Traveling Birds is about our journey. It's about taking risks, going to the unknow and making it a memorable visual story. I'll share here with you bits of my story through pictures, videos and text. And in the end, if you get inspired, it will be my victory.

Where did the idea of creating this blog came from?

As some of you might know, I mainly shoot fashion/fine art pictures and it can be very limiting by times. My hope is that Traveling Birds will be an open space to share thoughts, grow, meet people and having stories to tell.

I will continue to work on my artsy projects but I'd like this to be a place of exchange from real life.

More to come soon,



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